Thursday, January 24, 2008

Health literacy and Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson Enterprises and Aetna have announced a new partnership focused on urban businesses:
Working together, the two companies will strive to empower businesses and ethnically diverse communities to make informed choices about their health care options by improving health care literacy, showing them the benefits of wellness, exercise and healthy eating, and other initiatives...

The principal goals of the relationship are to:

-- Create a dialogue and action in diverse urban communities to help people understand the health resources, products and services available to them, and encourage them to take a more active role in their health and wellness.

-- Give credible voice, via a recognized and respected leader, to major issues in health care such as the need to improve "health literacy." This will include community events and community-based initiatives to increase people's comfort with the language of health care, as well as encourage better understanding of treatment needs and better adherence to a physician's care plan.

-- Raise awareness of racial and ethnic inequality in health care within these communities to empower people to ask questions, seek answers and create a demand for high-quality health care that respects their cultural preferences.
(the project website, which doesn't include much more information yet)



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