Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The October 2007 JMLA case talks a lot about how drugs, in this case vancomycin, work within the body, and how clinicians and researchers explore and understand these mechanisms -- pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics are two key concepts introduced in the case and worth further exploration.

Pharmacokinetics: This PowerPoint presentation from the University of Connecticut, A Short Course in Pharmacokinetics, gives a great overview of what pharmacokinetics is, what it means for drug delivery and metabolism in humans, and an explanation of a lot of related terminology.

This one from Kennesaw is also a good basic introduction.

Pharmacodynamics: This overview from Howard University provides a great discussion of pharmacodynamics and how this concept is used to explain and understand how drugs actually affect the human body and its systems.


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