Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Search challenge 4

This week's search challenge question:

What is the incidence of vasovagal syncope in blood donors?

Hint: this one might require some older literature and other things beyond PubMed...

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Blogger Martin said...

Well, straight from the MeSH: "Syncope, Vasovagal"[Mesh] AND "Blood Donors"[Mesh] gives 21 hits, the first one (17655598) is an intervention study, indicating that syncope incidence is quite diffenrent among subgroups. This make giving a general answer more difficult.
Some data on incidence comes fro (16202053), wich suggests a 0.9% incidence.
Other studies go for vasaovagal recations (not limiting to syncope) and, of course, give much higher numbers.
Data on the consequence of syncope comes from (11778059).

This took around 2 minutes, and judging the quality of the evidence (highly subjective gut feeling), this seems sufficient to answer the question.

3/28/2008 5:43 AM  

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