Monday, June 02, 2008

Search challenge 9

This month's search challenge has two parts: Can you find literature that discusses physician/nurse collaboration and communication, and assessments of associated effects on nurse retention?

In the comments, please share your thoughts on appropriate terms, databases, other resources, good articles, etc!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

CINAHL is the primary database for this search. Here's a search I constructed that uses only descriptor terms.

Database: CINAHL - Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature <1982 to May Week 5 2008>
Search Strategy:
1 exp Education, interdisciplinary/ or exp Interprofessional Relations/ (10398)
2 exp Physicians/ (27529)
3 exp nurses/ (94973)
4 exp Burnout, Professional/ (2115)
5 exp Personnel Retention/ (4273)
6 job satisfaction/ (6941)
7 Nurse-Physician Relations/ (2905)
8 Joint Practice/ (508)
9 1 or 8 (10743)
10 9 and (2 and 3) (481)
11 10 and (4 or 5 or 6 or 7) (222)

Number 10 provides the main result. Number 11 limits to retention, etc.

I did not bring communication into this directly as the retrieval was already so large.

There are dissertations in the results which if consulted would provide exhaustive literature reviews.

PubMed would provide access to some titles not covered in CINAHL but it would be much more difficult to limit to relevant citations, since MeSH lacks some of the relevant search terms used in this CINAHL search.

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