Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PubMed as a verb

DrugMonkey ponders the changing role of PubMed with increasing focus on open access -- "I'll PubMed it and find out"
Most of the audience for this blog will be familiar with the use of "Google" as a verb to describe searching the World Wide Web for information on a given topic. "I googled a half-dozen mojito recipes which we tried out on the Fourth". "Did you google your blind date/new postdoc to make sure he isn't a psycho?". "You got dinner plans after the conference sessions end for the day? No? Lemme google up some restaurants."


Lagging well behind this transformation of our information-age lives, but assuredly steaming right along behind, is the verb-ification of PubMed. For some of us, it is here already. This is the area where I am sympathetic to the antics of the Open Access Acolytes™.



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