Monday, April 14, 2008

Search challenge 5: strategies

In the comments on search challenge 5, Heather proposed an Ovid Medline strategy combining the concepts in a straightforward and effective way, retrieving just under 10 citations:
1 exp Osteomyelitis/di [Diagnosis]

2 exp Arthritis, Infectious/di [Diagnosis]

3 1 or 2

4 exp C-Reactive Protein/

5 erythrocyte sedimentation [mp=title, original title, abstract, name of substance word, subject heading word]

6 4 and 5

7 3 and 6
Another strategy, this one in PubMed format, has a little bit broader retrieval at about 30 citations:
"Blood Sedimentation"[Mesh] AND "C-Reactive Protein"[Mesh] AND ("Osteomyelitis"[Mesh] OR "Arthritis, Infectious"[Mesh]) AND (English[lang] AND ("infant"[MeSH Terms] OR "child"[MeSH Terms] OR "adolescent"[MeSH Terms]))

When I see these sizes of retrieval, I see it as a challenge to think even more broadly in terms of synonyms, abbreviations, etc. This search retrieves ~ 70 citations, adding some "false drops" but also including a few items that might be useful in addition to the hits from the above searches:
(blood sedimentation[mh] OR esr[tiab] OR erythrocyte sedimentation[tiab]) AND (c-reactive protein[mh] OR crp[tiab]) AND (osteomyelitis[mh] OR osteomyelitis[tiab] OR arthritis, infectious[mh]) AND eng[la]



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