Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Search challenge 9: strategies

Search challenge 9 was "Can you find literature that discusses physician/nurse collaboration and communication, and assessments of associated effects on nurse retention?"

One commenter posted a CINAHL strategy and found some dissertations that may be useful in aiding a literature review, also noting that a PubMed on the search might be more difficult since some of the most relevant indexing terms are unique to CINAHL.

From a few quick searches, the main term that seems to be useful in PubMed is the MeSH term "Physician-Nurse Relations" -- restricting to "major" and a few other things brings it down to about 500 hits, including ~180 in the last two years
"Physician-Nurse Relations"[Majr] AND eng[la] NOT (case reports[pt] OR letter[pt] OR comment[pt] OR editorial[pt] OR news[pt] OR newspaper article[pt])

ANDing a string like (job satisfaction[mh] OR personnel turnover[mh] OR retention[tiab] OR retaining[tiab] OR retain[tiab] OR retained[tiab] OR turnover[tiab]) was fairly effective in finding a few studies that looked at the retention/turnover issue. Other MeSH terms also seemed to pop up in the indexing of the more relevant items -- "communication," "attitudes of health personnel," "cooperative behavior," "burnout, professional," and the "psychology" subheading (attached to various MeSH terms).



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